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Doctor Daddy and Marcon

Added: 2017-10-06

Gay Asian boy Marcon arrives on time for his appointment with Doctor Daddy. This cute Asian twink is experiencing erectile dysfunction and hopes Doctor Daddy has a cure. Daddy Mike takes his vitals before commencing his diagnostic examination. He’s determined a series of sexual arousal tests is necessary. The kinky daddy lubes up the Asian boy’s cock and starts stroking. It doesn’t take long for this cute Asian boy’s cock to swell up. Seems Doctor Daddy himself is the cure. Both doctor and patient are getting extremely horny as the medical exam continues. Daddy Mike starts finger fucking the gay Asian boy then transitions to a dildo fuck that gets Marcon moaning with horny pleasure. Daddy begins a blowjob on his patient, then Marcon returns the favor, sucking the doctor’s cock. This leads to an all-out bareback fucking session on the exam table until Daddy Mike and Marcon shoot their loads.