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Playtime With Rizal and Clark

Added: 2018-06-15

Clark was staying the weekend with me and while I was out, he brought home a cute Asian boy toy named Rizal. I was peeking in on the two cute gay Asian boys naked on the bed. Clark was teasing his rock hard cock. Finally Clark spotted me watching and invited me to play with them. Well of course I converged on the two Asian twinks like flies on you-know-what. I sucked cock and did some ass rimming then I wanted to watch Clark bareback fuck this cutie. I got so horny I had to join in and I entered Clark’s skinny little ass while he was still raw fucking Rizal. The fuck and switch continued for a while until finally we all needed to shoot our loads. Clark and Rizal released their cum load simultaneously, and I followed a few seconds after. Rizal was covered in cum.