Foot Fetish Daddy Mike Fucking Smooth Young Asian Pinoy Boys

Daddy and Three Twinks

Added: 2019-09-13

What a foot fetish fantasy for Daddy Mike. He’s got three cute Asian twinks in bed all naked and ready for some kinky tickle and foot fetish fun. Gilbert is first choice for Daddy. He knows how ticklish Gilbert’s feet are, and wants to suck his toes and play with his feet for a while. Then moving on to Rafael, he makes this Asian gay boy squirm and giggle. Finally, to his right is gorgeous Kim. After some tickling and foot play with him it’s time for sucking cock. Daddy gives out blowjobs before the twink trio launch an attack on him, restraining him and tickling his feet. Eventually the kinky orgy ends up with Daddy blowing his load, while covered in cute boys.