Foot Fetish Daddy Mike Fucking Smooth Young Asian Pinoy Boys

Daddy Mike and Russel

Added: 2020-01-17

Cute young Russel wakes up to find himself tied spreadeagled on his bed. There’s a silent stranger sitting in the chair beside him. Russel tries to talk with him, but the stranger says nothing. Wondering what will happen to him, Russel sees the stranger rise from the chair and approach. The stranger lifts his shirt and begins tickling his smooth tummy and Russel can’t help but giggle and plead. Then he makes his way to the foot of the bed. He’s got feathers, a hair brush and some strange finger points. The kinky stranger drives Russel batty with foot tickling for a long time. Then he releases Russel from his bondage, and by this time the boy is turned on by all that has happened. The two bareback fuck until the stranger cums on Russel’s soles.