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Daddy Mike and Stephen

Added: 2019-06-21

I invited this cute Asian boy to come home with me, and Stephen accepted. Sitting on the couch I could see the horny twinkle in his eye and knew he saw mine. I revealed my foot fetish to him and he was happy to placed his in my lap. I began to tickle and play with them, as he giggled, and noticed a hard on developing under his pants. So we stripped down and began to suck cock. Things really got steamy when I invited him to the bedroom and the cock sucking continued. Stephen began a savory cock worship session, and I just laid back and enjoyed the ride. He got me so hard I wanted to fuck, so I mounted him and soon I was pumping his cute Asian ass. After a hot fuck session I pulled out to cum on him. Then Stephen stroked out his load to mingle it with mine.